Company Profile

Integra is a textile converting company, specialized in technical textiles for Personal Protective Equipment.


We use a wide range of aramidic fibers and related blends, as well as other technical fibers, modacrylic, steel, silver and many others, in order to achieve the highest quality yarns and fabrics used in PPE.


The main focus is on fan brics for workers protection to exposure to various hazards, burns, electric arc, thermal shock. The unique knowledge, developed over 30 years of experience in technical textile market, distinguishes Integra's way of work focused on quality. 


Strong cooperation with our suppliers and third party manufacturers enable us to build a qualified and reliable production chain. 


The special and professional approach to customer's requests, combined with our experience and knowledge, together with the close cooperartion with our production chain, enable us to achieve highest results in yarn and fabric quality. 


Integra combines the best professionalism in each production step, from fiber till fabric, in order to develop the best solutions to customer's needs.